Learning for the Future Program

Learning for the Future is an alternative education program for youth-adults; available as a stand-alone program or a supplement within a school or established program curricula. Learning for the Future is based on the tenets of Rigor, Social Justice, Restorative Justice, and Technology. Each tenet is a valuable skillset needed for many educational environments. EECG can create professional development opportunities for your organization based in these and related tenets. 



We believe both academic and vocational programs should be rigorous. Work with us to provide programming that supports your learners development of critical thinking skills through skill-based and experiential learning.

Social Justice

Learners at all levels need to see how they can positively affect systems that they are a part of and how to support others affected by systems of oppression. We create programming that provides the foundational understanding of social justice, equality, and equity.

Restorative Justice

Our communities grow when we can learn and grow together; we learn the most from our mistakes. We provide supports to communities and their members with the learning and healing process of restorative justice.


We combine the power and freedom of technology to manifest outcomes. Using technology as a tool in support of the other tenets and to empower learners and clients alike.